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Enterprise communications

Voice communications remains an essential real time service and remains a dominant feature in many circumstances for business and government authorities.

Enterprise voice services can now be delivered and used on multiple devices, either traditional telephony or smart devices, both inside and outside the enterprise through fixed or wireless service.  However, the fundamentals remain the same – high quality sound, reliable connections and a comprehensive range of call handling features that work in your business context.

The traditional dedicated telephony devices continue to be applicable in situations where communications is best provided at specific locations, such as key positions on factory floors or nurse stations in a hospital.

As ‘voice’ is a key feature of a unified communications strategy, voice systems must be capable of being integrated and managed with collaboration platforms.  Seamless voice communications with collaboration tools gives benefit to users that do not require the complete functionality of the mobile user.

How can VoIP help you?

  • We will audit and assess your current unified communications environment
  • We design and dimension unified communications systems for the Enterprise
  • We supply voice communications systems and peripherals devices
  • We configure and deploy system elements
  • We integrate other third party applications and your existing PABX systems
  • We train your people and transition operations to new platforms
  • We provide ongoing support and advice throughout the life of the platform