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IP Phones & Room Systems

AudioCodes provides advanced voice networking and media processing solutions for enterprises worldwide. For over 25 years, AudioCodes has been helping large and medium size companies to build and operate all-IP voice networks for unified communications, support centres and hosted business services.
AudioCodes VoIP technologies and innovative solutions enable intelligibility and the best customer communication experience. The voice quality and network elements have a proven track record for unbeatable interoperability.
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In collaboration with AudioCodes, VoIP offers a wide range of solutions and services for enterprise deployments. The solutions are developed around the company’s field-proven products that include: Media Gateways, Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBC), Multi-Service Business Routers, IP Phones and a diverse suite of management software applications.
IP Phone Management
For as long as voice remains the most popular method of communication across the digital enterprise space, a complete IP phone management solution will be crucial to ensure productivity and lower IT expenses.
Managed IP Phone solutions by AudioCodes define the IP phone as an IT-managed entity and delivers unique and complete lifecycle management of end-user desktop devices. In addition, a comprehensive set of tools helps network administrators simplify configuration, troubleshooting and monitoring to increase efficiency and ensure quality user experience.
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