Your reliable and secure service support desk

At VoIP, we are always available to help our customers solve their IT issues.
If you have a query relating to your IT, or want to find out more about how our services and solutions can benefit your business, please contact us on:
1300 138 613
Our Service Desk offering:
We have been tailoring and managing IT/ICT Service desk support since 2000, ensuring our clients’ customers receive support that reflects their business professionalism & service standards.
Our dedicated, qualified and skilled staff work together with your organisation to tailor support solutions specific to your business needs, providing your customers with efficient & effective solutions. We’re a passionate and hard working team and our numbers speak volumes with over 86,000 email requests per year, more than 1500 phone calls per month completed and upwards of 18,000 jobs closed each year.
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Our Service Qualities/ Benefits:

Streamlining your service process,
available 365 days 24/7.

Execute IT/ICT level 1 and 2 remote support

We take ownership & manage your customer’s queries from start to finish