Environmental Policy


VoIP is committed to risk management principles in its business processes to ensure all works and services are performed in a consistent and controlled manner. VoIP will eliminate or if that is not possible, reduced to as low as reasonably practicable, any adverse effects to the environment.

VoIP will ensure that our business processes comply with all relevant Legislation across all jurisdictions and use applicable Australian Standards and Codes of Practice as our minimum standard.

Environmental responsibility at our workplace is both an individual and shared responsibility for everyone at the workplace and everyone is encouraged to support this principle.

VoIP is committed to:

  • Establish an Environmental Management System that meets or surpasses statutory, industry and when applicable, Client requirements.
  • Continually review and where appropriate, amend our Environmental Management System to reflect development in technology, statutory requirements, industry practices and community standards.
  • Develop and implement systems of work and continue to identify potential at risk aspects and to control environmental impacts as far as practicable to prevent pollution and protect the environment.
  • Develop and implement contingency plans for the control and correction of all environmental incidents that could be reasonably foreseen.
  • Inform all employees, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers of their responsibilities in relation to environmental matters and to monitor the manner in which their responsibilities are discharged.
  • Provide employees, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers with necessary information, appropriate training and supervision to support their responsibilities.
  • Investigate and report all incidents as per the Legislative requirements of the jurisdiction concerned.
  • Recognise its responsibility to meet the requirements of this Policy and its environmental objectives and goals which will be developed using a framework of review of past environmental performances and identifying future opportunities for continual improvement.

Employees, Contractors, Subcontractors have an obligation to:

  • Comply with any direction given by VoIP Management and the customer on their sites.
  • Report any accidents, incidents or potential environmental impacts immediately to VoIP Supervisor/ Manager

Visitors, contractors and sub-contractors to VoIP are expected to recognise and cooperate with our policy and commitment.

Application of this policy:

Management will communicate and make this Policy and objectives available to all interested parties. We encourage suggestions for realising our environmental objectives to create workplaces that will not produce any negative effects on the environment.

This policy applies to all business operations and functions, including those situations where workers are required to work off-site.

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