Quality Policy

VoIP Pty Ltd will identify and manage internal and external issues related to workers understanding and commitment to conducting their work including products and services to ensure a quality outcome for all stakeholders by documentation, measurement, monitoring and continuously improve business processes within the Company, through input from workers, regular Management review, internal audits and maintaining the principles for ongoing accreditation of AS/NZS ISO 9001.

VoIP Pty Ltd will also take into consideration any external matters regarding suppliers, customers and other community stakeholders effected by what VoIP Pty Ltd have control and influence over.

The CEO accepts overall responsibility for reviewing the effectiveness and continuing suitability of this policy, the management system, the company objectives, addressing opportunities for improvement, and compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements on a regular basis through management reviews.

VoIP Pty Ltd Management is responsible for ensuring all the personnel under their control are aware of and work in harmony with the Company’s business objectives.  Performance will be measured through the analysis of client perceptions/observations/customer feedback and the analysis of completed work.

The CEO or nominee appointed by the CEO is responsible for the management of the Quality Management System and for ensuring that all managers are aware of all audit findings and resultant corrective/preventative action and material changes to the business processes.

VoIP Pty Ltd has a management structure in place with clearly defined responsibilities and reporting lines, which facilitates the definition and achievement of the Company’s Business objectives.

The above framework allows us to improve our effectiveness in:

  • supplying business solutions that meet or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations,
  • promoting “best practice”, as reviewed and agreed by senior management, as part of our usual business process,
  • providing an environment in which employees are given the opportunity to improve their skills and progress their career within the company, through regular appraisals and relevant training, within the framework of business needs and perceived future business needs; and
  • identifying and complying with all relevant Federal and State statutory and regulatory requirements.


It is our intention to encourage the personal commitment of all VoIP staff to the objectives of the QMS and to embrace the agreed working practices as part of their daily responsibilities.

This policy is reviewed on an annual basis by the CEO to ensure that it continues to be appropriate to the Company and its objectives.

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