From complete endpoint protection to cyber security strategies and incident response, we cover your business’ IT security needs on Cloud and On Premise

Cyber security must remain agile. It demands a combination of human expertise and continuously improving technology to comprehensively predict, prevent, detect and respond to breaches.
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attacks annually


attacks every second

$ 575 billion

losses due to breach of security in 2016

$ 154 cost

per head per stolen sensitive data

(ITRC Global Data Breach Report 2016)

Threat Prevention

VoIP’s Threat & Prevention solution blocks unwanted changes by restricting access to specified files, shares, registry keys, registry values, as well as restricting processes, and services from executing threat behaviour. The solution lets you create user-defined custom AP rules to report, restrict, or block behaviour, monitors requested actions and analyses behaviour according to defined AP rules.


VoIP’s enterprise security management platform provides global contextual visibility of changing events and cross product control platform. You can logically connect dynamic context from global threat intelligence, enterprise risk, and system security posture in real time. This collaboration of threat intelligence and risk management instantly blocks damaging attacks and enables you to adjust your security standpoint as risks progress.


VoIP is well-known in Australia for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership. Our Physical Security model is built to protect people, data, equipment, systems, facilities and company assets. The focus is on creating customer value within physical access control, IT security, camera surveillance and identification technologies for a range of applications to make your premises secure.


Our technologies communicate and learn from each other in real time to combat advanced threats. This includes applications, downloads, websites, and files and deliver insights with actionable threat forensics. Protect your productivity, get visibility into advanced threats and take control of the threat defense lifecycle.
Protection Service for Business
Advanced multi-device security with streamlined central management
  • Device & Server Security
  • Patch Management
  • Mobile Security
Business Suite
Scalable security for full control and advanced central management
  • Device & Server Security
  • Patch Management
  • Mobile Security
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