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IP Telephony reduces monthly telecommunication costs, improves employees productivity and puts you on a pathway to the greater efficiency driven by converged communications.
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We will assist you in purchasing or leasing Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) that’s right for your office. Our services also include interior wiring at the location connected to communication devices. By choosing this type of arrangement you can reduce the cost of technology upgrades while providing the ISP with more control over delivery of the services.


OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud (OTEC) delivers all of the services you need, on any device. Designed for enterprises of any size, OTEC is our full-featured solution encompassing communication, collaboration and contact center tools. Flexible, secure and comprehensive, it can be deployed in a private cloud (off or on-premise), or in an overlay installation.


Our “Software as a service” model can help you improve staff collaboration, enable a mobile workforce, find innovative ways to reach your customers and transform your IT environment.
We offer world-leading, ready-to-use cloud services underpinned by Australia’s largest and most reliable vendors. Our experts can create, deploy and manage the cloud solution that’s right for your business
Ensure optimum accessibility and efficient teamwork within your organisation. Our customised set of communication tools help your employees to work more efficiently and effectively.
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