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Microsoft Azure in partnership with VoIP is a one-stop shop for cloud services. The perfect solution for product developers and IT professionals to build, deploy and manage applications through the broad network of data centres around the world with unmatched consistent hybrid cloud capabilities and comprehensive AI services.
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With over 100 services across Azure platform, Microsoft is continually launching new features and functionalities. Thanks to a consistent user experience strategy, you can engage with users in many ways, whether in native mobile apps, responsive web apps or through new experiences like bots and mixed reality.
Cloud Security and Management
Using hybrid cloud can broaden your options for delivering IT services to your organisation. With Microsoft Azure, IT managers aren’t burdened with the challenges of management and security, Microsoft provide easy to deploy, built-in services to guarantee a secure and well-managed cloud.
Designed for a public, private and hybrid world, Microsoft Azure security management and services give you increased control of Windows and Linux, including your on-premise datacenter.
Take advantage of Microsoft Azures’ secure, private and flexible cloud services with VoIP
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